Romanow Container

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Romanow's 215,000 sq ft headquarters located in Westwood, MA

Owned and operated by the Romanow brothers, Ted, Dick & Dan

Innovative and functional designs: where it all starts

Corrugated sample table

Foam sample table

Sheets from our Newcorr facility waiting to be processed through manufacturing

Flexo w/ printing station opened

One of our two flexos in operation

Finished boxes to be baled and then off to the customer

At Romanow Container, we have thousands of rotary cutting dies

One of our two rotary die-cutters

Rotary die in operation

Rotary designs coming off press

Our Bobst folder gluer

Bobst folder gluer in operation

Further down the line

Finished boxes to be bundled

Finished bundles to be baled, then off to the customer

State of the art closed loop wastewater treatment

All corrugated scrap produced in manufacturing is recycled

Warehouse area

Staging area for shipping & warehouse

Shipping & Traffic office

Loading trucks

Our 11 shipping bays

Thank you for taking our tour - please tour our Romanow Packaging & Newcorr facilities also!