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Foam & Protective Packaging

Your product deserves protection... and we’re happy to provide it.

 The purpose of engineered foams in packaging is to protect a moving packaged object from damage when it meets resistance. The objective of our engineering department is to select the optimum type of foam, and then to configure the foam component so that it will absorb a shock or vibration and effectively isolate those forces from being transmitted to the packaged object.

Whether you need to protect a small electronic component with sensitive optics, a delicate disc drive, a complicated printed circuit board or a large piece of heavy equipment, the physical characteristics of different foams can be fine-tuned to meet your packaging needs.

At Romanow Container we design and manufacture protective packaging solutions...

  • using polyethylene foams, polyurethane foams, polyester foams, expanded polystyrene foams, molded polypropylene foams, as well as crosslinked and specialty foams
  • for customers in New England industries including Hi-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Bio-Technology, Military, Medical, Aeronautics, and Automotive ... to name just a few.

Investing to meet our markets’ requirements

Romanow’s protective packaging capability took a major leap forward in 1998 with our acquisition of Perry Packaging of Maynard, MA (now renamed as Romanow Packaging LLC). Perry had specialized in the manufacture of protective foam and wood packaging, as well as domestic and export grade triple wall corrugated products.

Today, Romanow Packaging’s Littleton facility is equipped to perform all operations necessary for the sawing, skiving, automatic die-cutting, gluing, welding, convoluting, hot knifing, etc., of PE foam planks and PU buns, as well as a wide array of specialty foams.  Our 2011 acquisition of Allied Industries greatly expanded our wood capabilities with the addition of their comprehensive wood shop.  The subsequent relocation of this woodshop to our new facility in Littleton MA allowed us to double the size of  this department and add essential new equipment.  Our wood shop is now truly state of the art, and has the staff, equipment and engineering expertise necessary to produce a full line of domestic and export wood crating, custom pallets and specialty wood products. 

One-stop container shopping

Whether it’s a simple blocking and bracing application or a highly specialized protective packaging application for a sensitive high-value product, Romanow Container has the talent, equipment and resources to design it, produce it, warehouse it, and ship it to your facility. When combined with our corrugated and packaging supplies resources, Romanow Container is positioned to truly be your “one-stop shop” for all of your packaging needs.