State-of-the-art corrugated manufacturing, every year since 1948

If it’s corrugated, we can handle it – from standard style RSC boxes to product-specific custom interior and exterior designed solutions. We’ll design it, test and certify it, produce it in our own manufacturing facility, and we will ship it to you on time.

Romanow Container’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant – centrally located in Westwood, MA – has the equipment and resources to meet all of your packaging needs, including box designs using anything from single wall microflutes all the way to export grade triple wall corrugated board, as well as traffic-stopping point-of-purchase displays.

Our sophisticated capabilities include in-line two-color printing on both our flexo folder gluer and our rotary die cutting equipment. We also have a Bobst specialty folder gluer for complex gluing applications on die-cuts such as auto-lock bottoms and glued-in partitions.

Romanow has also eliminated supply problems through vertical integration; we produce our corrugated board at our NewCorr facility in Northboro and convert it at either our Westwood headquarters or our Littleton facility. And just-in-time warehousing ensures that your packaging needs never go unmet.

Whether you’re buying ten pieces at a time or truckloads a week...
Romanow Container excels in servicing customers both large and small.