Industries Served

Our customers mirror the full spectrum of New England industry.

Virtually every industry in New England that ships a product has at least one Romanow customer in it. That said, our customer base tends to concentrate as does New England industry, and also reflects our high-end packaging design capability.

Foodstuffs – From fresh lobsters to premium baked desserts, New England is home to a wealth of everyday and high-end foodstuffs purveyors, many with a need for protective packaging.

Medical Devices - The combination of world renown medical universities and hospitals has made New England and the Boston area in particular, a center for innovation in the arena of medical instrumentation, equipment and devices.  The companies that produce these products represent a significant segment of this regions manufacturing

Biotech/pharmaceutical – Long a bastion of quality healthcare, New England saw its R&D feeder arm take off in the early 1990s. As with IT, the medical device segment in particular has need for custom and/or protective packaging.

Information technology – Ever since the symbiotic relationship between MIT, Hanscom AFB and Cold War DOD research funding established the 128 technology corridor, the information technology industry has been a supporting pillar of New England’s economy. The industry tends to disproportionately require custom and/or protective packaging, a capability in which Romanow has invested quite heavily.

Other manufacturing and distribution – Silverware? Board games? Toothpaste? Candy? All of them are made in New England; all of them require packaging to reach the consumer or the distribution channel.

Didn’t see your industry above? It’s due only to space limitations, certainly not to any lack of interest on our part. Give Romanow a call and see how quickly we can relate to and provide for your industry’s special requirements.