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Comprehensive Packaging Solutions –
more than just a tagline for Romanow Container

We have spent the last 60 years positioning Romanow Container – through infrastructure upgrades, capital improvements, strategic investments and acquisitions – to become one of New England’s most comprehensive packaging suppliers. Our manufacturing resources – for both our corrugated products and our protective packaging, combined with our Industrial Packaging Supplies Division – have created a unique one-stop shopping option for our customers.

Romanow manufactures a full array of corrugated products: from simple RSCs, through highly engineered corrugated inner packaging, to eye-catching point of purchase displays ...and everything in between. Ten pieces to a million, microflute single wall to export grade triple wall: if it’s corrugated, we do it; and we do it better than anyone else.

At Romanow Container, we design and manufacture protective packaging utilizing corrugated board, a wide array of engineered foams, wood, and combinations of all of them.

Industrial Packaging Supplies is our newest division, and offers a huge array of packaging products to our customers. If you are buying boxes, then you need tape to seal those boxes, and strapping or stretch film to secure multiples of those boxes to a pallet for shipping. With Romanow, not only can you buy your corrugated and protective packaging directly from the manufacturer, you can get all of the ancillary products that go with it as well.