Interior Packaging and Other Products

When the box is not enough: interior packaging adds protection

Interior packaging is an all-encompassing term that includes many styles and combinations of corrugated, foam, wood, bubble, foam wrap and more well as interior dunnage such as newsprint and packing peanuts, to just name a few.

Whether the application calls for something as simple as bubble wrap around your part, or something as complex as a die-cut corrugated configuration with added protective foam and wood, Romanow Container will design the right combination to embrace and protect your product.


Scored Sheets
Slotted Partitions
D/C Corrugated Inserts
Triple Wall & Honeycomb
Korvuu Products (Sealed Air proprietary product)

Foams & Wood

PE & PU Foam Blocks & D/C configurations
EPS Foam Blocks & Hot Wire Cut Configurations
Convoluted Foams

Packing Materials

Bubble Wraps
Foam Wraps
Paper – Newsprint, Kraft, Tissue, etc.
Packing Peanuts