Polyethylene Foam Packaging Supplies

Polyethylene foam – tough, resilient, impact-absorbent

Polyethylene (PE) foams are widely used in protective packaging applications because they possess a number of superior attributes:

  • Extruded or laminated PE foams are extremely tough and resilient.
  • End caps and protective pads fashioned from PE can be repeatedly deflected, and will return to their original shape with little or no reduction in protective performance.
  • PE foam is closed cell, and performs well on both chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.

Polyethylene foams are easily fabricated and can be worked by a variety of methods including sawing, die-cutting, hot-knifing, water jet cutting and welding.

Polyethylene foams are offered in a broad range of densities ranging from 1.2 pcf (pounds per cubic foot) to 9 pcf, making it an ideal candidate for use in protective packaging over a wide range of product weight, product size and fragility.